Saturday, September 09, 2006

fresh perspective

Hello, sweeties! I spent yesterday in Montgomery, a city with a little bit of class. It is by no means my favorite Alabama city, but it is the biggest one closest to us. I did a few wedding gift switcheroos (I already had a hand mixer) and got some cool stuff. I bought G (my hubby) a heathered green shirt that says Ireland Rugby League. For those who don't know, G has Irish roots and played rugby for years in boarding school. G never wears shirts like this, but he was a very good sport and tried it on for me. He looked SO GREAT. And the bonus: he actually liked the shirt! This is no small feat, because G can be a pretty picky dresser. Then, later that day, he told me, "You can dress me if you want to." I like married life so far. :)

Anyway, my initial talk about Montgomery had a point. Last night, when hubs and I were watching Sex and the City, I realized that I did not want a cocktail like I usually do. Granted, I do not usually make one (That's too expensive.); I just crave one.

"Why is this?" I thought. Then I realized: the reason I like Sex in the City so much is that it lets me forget I live in the anal crevice of the South. And the reason I want to drink cocktails when I watch it is that I am craving novelty. But yesterday, I spent my hours wandering through my favorite gourmet food store (Fresh Market), I went to Target (which is NOTHING like Wal-Mart!), and I shopped at Dillard's and another of my favorite stores. I came home with sushi, Jarlsberg cheese, maple blueberry sausage, a Ralph Lauren bedspread, and organic potato chips. I had had a very small world-broadening experience that had transported me temporarily out of our small, ignorant town.

It was a wonderful day, but those days always make me sad, too, because I realize they are the exception-- not the rule. Even if I had the time to take frequent trips to Montgomery (which I actually do this semester because I am only teaching one class), there is no way that we could afford it. However, I don't want to poke my head out of the ground just yet; so I will just go make my frittata and design a new handbag and escape for a little while longer.

A vegetable stand at one of my favorite haunts (before they told me to put my camera away). I might be a spy from another store, ya know.

Coup de grace:
A dark chocolate lavendar torte mix. I've never tried this, but doesn't it sound divine? I think I might just add lavendar to my own favorite chocolate torte recipe, though.


Blogger Jan said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that longs to get out of South Alabama. At least you have a chance of making it to Canada some day. I only get to dream.

September 14, 2006 9:13 PM  

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