Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hi, friends! I'm back for a post this weekend. I was inspired by my friend Beth's friend's Sally's (I'm an English teacher. I should be ashamed of that!) blog Through a Glass Darkly. I know I haven't shared anything in ages, but I am sick with a horrible cold this weekend. I even missed work yesterday. Therefore, there's not much else I can do than sit at the computer. Ok, I'll admit to cleaning the kitchen and doing some laundry, but I think that about killed me.

G and I have been great. Yesterday was our five month anniversary. Hard to believe, isn't it? I usually feel like we've been married forever. I mean that in a good way. I feel at times like we've always known each other.

As I said before, I'm teaching ESL to international students. I love it, but it's very stressful sometimes. And being crammed in a room with all those kiddies has made me sick (literally).

I'm almost finished with my thank-you cards from the wedding gifts. I know, I know. I'm a horrible, ungrateful bride. Whatever.

My friend Beth is getting married in May, and I'm so excited. We're going to try to give her a lingerie shower sometime in March or April. I have never given a shower (without my mom) before, and I'm excited. I'm thinking of making a chocolate torte with Green & Black's Maya Gold organic chocolate with orange and spices (don't tell Beth!). The torte is probably the best dessert I've ever made. Besides the Christmas cookies with three kinds of chocolate, marshmallow cream, and Craisins, that is. Oh, God. I'm so hungry. My students laugh at me because I talk about food so much.

My friend Hannah is pregnant with her second child, a girl. The little lady (whose name has not yet been chosen) is due March 19, two days before G's birthday. Hannah thinks they will choose the name Abigail. I can't stop looking at CrewCuts, the adorable line of children's clothing made by J. Crew. I wish I were rich so that I could buy this child loads of adorable clothes. I must confess that I sometimes dream of having a daughter only because I want to dress one. My mother said she'd get me a doll to dress. LOL.

Ok, I need a cocktail. I'll talk to you peeps later. Ta ta!