Saturday, May 12, 2007


Glen and I went to Ottawa, Ontario, at the beginning of May for a conference on Northrop Frye. (You might remember my mentioning this in an earlier post.) G gave a paper, and I just enjoyed listening to the papers and exploring Ottawa. Ottawa was absolutely gorgeous, and I think it is my favorite Canadian city so far (I haven't visited very many). G and I spent most of our time with our friends Jeffery and Christina, and we had a really good time.

G, Christina, and Jeffery in front of the Parliament buildings

Entering the Parliament buildings

Me with a statue of my namesake

G with his second Elizabeth
In front of Queen Victoria's monument

G and Jeffery at a French restaurant called L'ange (A picture of the restaurant is above this one).

Christina and Jeffery at a pub. I love these pictures.

Christina and Jeffery at D'arcy MacGee's

G and I on a bridge over the Ottawa River

The Ottawa River

Jeffery and Christina walking to the university

Above: G and Jeffery, Christina and I at the University of Ottawa

Christina, Jeffery, and G in front of a church. I like this one because they are in order of height. LOL.